How to (better) sell my company?

Optimize your chances of finding a buyer, get better financial and contractual terms.

More potential buyers

More candidates, more opportunities.
Describe your business: alerts prospective buyers. Also invite your own candidates!

More binding offers

Among the interested candidates, choose those who will study your data room. Answer their questions. They submit their offers.

A better sale

Study the candidates' takeover offers, negotiate and choose the best offer available. Close your deal with the buyer.


I really appreciated your intervention from the start, the Dataroom is easy to use, really simple and the services are perfect!
Danielle SELBY, Secretary-General and Administrator at Group CAIRE / Air Antilles (France)

dataroom customer testimonial

When we opened a sales process for some of our assets last summer, we did not hesitate to build a virtual data room with Alterfina. Our potential buyers were in the south of France, while we are in the Nord department. The establishment of an electronic data room (...)
Georges CORREIA, CIO at Hygena (France, turnover: 120M€)

dataroom customer testimonial

Your Dataroom is really very simple and clear! I managed to create the Dataroom as well as the folders, and managed to generate the accesses. It's perfect, that's exactly what I was looking for.
Emilie Destracque, OKA Avocats (Paris, France)

dataroom customer reference

I have been using Alterfina for close to one year. Their services are excellent value for money. Their promptness to respond to my requests was very helpful in a complex M&A process. I was pleasently surprised by their availability to solve issues.
Andrea DRESCHER, CEO at Ecoverde (Monaco / Luxembourg)